Override push button switch

I’ve recently bought an Aircare Humidifier (Model 836000HB). The humidifier comes with two control knobs (see photo). The lower knob controls the humidity set point and the upper knob controls the fan speed (rotary action) and on/off switch (push action).

My plan is to override the built-in hygrostat and use a smart plug to control the unit. My problem is that when power is cut and then restored the humidifier needs the upper control knob to be physically pushed to start the unit. One workaround I found is that I can keep the knob continually depressed (with tape) and then I don’t have an issue when the power is turned back on. My question is, do you think this will have some unintended consequence? Could this cause an electrical failure? I don’t know enough to know what the risks are with this approach.

Thanks for your help.