Override setting to 12/24h time format

Make a (system-wide or user-chosen) setting to override browser settings to control 12/24h time format.

I’d almost make 1000 dummy accounts just to upvote this! :wink:


I don’t measure time with a sundial, and my computing systems should not either. I definitely want this!

After fiddling with the language settings in Firefox and my phone, I got what I wanted – 24 hour time representation. For reference, I switched from US English to UK English.

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And I would suspend them all :smile:

The current beta version has a per user profile setting for units (yay!). I’m not sure if this includes time as I can’t test the beta at the moment.

EDIT: the new setting is just for number formatting (period or comma for decimal point).


Even then with FF settings tweaked to:
“Use your operating system settings for “English (Netherlands)” to format dates, times, numbers, and measurements.”

It still keeps using the (for me) back asswards 12h display mode.

Not sure if HASS or FF is to blame here, but a simple setting would be much preferred.


Yep, just having setting that says “Don’t believe what the browser is telling you, use this-and-this setting” would be very welcome.

Yeah, it’s really annoying to have to chose between 24H or U’s all over the place (colour etc).

Just let me chose American English with 24H.


Yes, please. I’m in Austria, installed Windows in en-US, and JavaScript tell me “en-AT”. I still get am and pm, which is just frustrating.

It is planned and I am already working on that. Hopefully part of release 2021.6.

EDIT: Allow users to select time format for UI rendering by spacegaier · Pull Request #9042 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub


That is some pretty damn good news! Thank you!

Please, do not forget about this selector too.

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Thanks for the hint :+1:. I did not have that on my radar. Included now in the PR.

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And it’s merged into dev, which means it would typically be part of the next release!

Thanks for your work on this!

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Yes, I was about to post here. Looking of course for testing feedback, either from the current dev version or the next beta.


It’s in the 2021.6.0 beta, and I like it! Should be in tomorrows release of 2021.6. Great stuff and many thanks Philip @spacegaier!

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