Overview dashboard extremely slow on Mobile app & Browser

Hi All,

To set the landscape I’m a bit obsessed with HA and have added a ton of HACS integrations and Lovelace items to my system over the years. My initial assumption was my speed issue was caused by one of them. After going through logs, and browser console errors and cleaning all of them up the speed issue still remains.

When I open the overview page in a computer web browser it opens instantaneously, if I change the browser responsive size to iPhone it also loads and scrolls instantly. But when I open it on my iOS devices as you are scrolling the screen turns blank until it loads, and keeps happening as you are going down the page. I have hundreds of entities so it takes forever to scroll the page on mobile because of the constant freezing.

It also makes the browser page / mobile app slightly unresponsive when that overview dashboard is loaded when trying to even switch to a different page.

Once I click off the main overview dashboard everything loads instantaneously on mobile.

If anyone can help me solve this issue I would be extremely grateful. Thank you so much in advance for your help.


The issue is that you are trying to renders hundreds of entities on a single dashboard on a device with limited resources. Safari (really any browser on iOS) is limited by default to prevent the browser from consuming all the resources on the device.

There isn’t really anything to be done here except perhaps remove entities from your dashboard to increase the rendering speed.