Overview entities unavailable from frigate

I had this working all nice and then did ( I guess! ) something and now the frigate entities ( such as occupant etc. aren’t available ).
Frigate itself seems fine.
I assume this is some mqtt issue.

Mosquito broker log shows no issues.
MQTT integration seems ok also.

I’m looking around at various logs and see no issues ( assuming I am looking in the correct place ).

I did try and install zigbee2mqtt without success so uninstalled it - maybe this has caused an issue. ZHA seems fine.

Searched and the only suggestions I have found were re-install ( which I’ve done for mqtt ) and of course reboot.

Any ideas of where I should look to find the issue??

After fiddling I realised somehow the frigate integration had been disabled! ( not sure how that happened ).
Enabling it causes the entities to be unavailable - so some progress.
The integration though fails to initialise .

Logs reveal:
Error fetching information from http://ccab4aaf-frigate-fa:5000/api/stats: Cannot connect to host ccab4aaf-frigate-fa:5000 ssl:default

But that’s the default for full access so should be correct.

Incase reader you are wondering why I am posting my ramblings - I’m trying to show that I am trying to fix my issue! :grinning:

All working again!

By re-enabling the frigate integration I needed to change the http to -frigate-fa-beta as it didn’t do that by default.

That was the 1st issue.

The entities then still didn’t appear - yet could still see nothing wrong in the logs - it was although they just didn’t exist.

Going into frigate config I looked at the entities and could see that for example ‘occupancy’ had now been renamed to ‘occupancy_2’ so a quick rename removing th e “_2” fixed it.

Apologies for the thread - but it may at some point helpful someone else whom messes up!