Overview of Hass.io for noobs (YouTube)

For those that want an overview of Hass.io, I’ve started documenting my progress as I look to change over my Hassbian based image.

Quick overview of Hass.io from Home Assistant

How to add HomeBridge easily to Hass.io for Siri control

N.B Ensure you have no more than 100 entities in Home Assistant (HomeKit limit) otherwise it won’t work. You can limit what gets exposed to HomeBridge from Home Assistant using the instructions here and here.

How to enable SSH on Hass.io using encrypted keys


Great work, thanks.

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Great addition to the knowledge base. Well done and glad to hear your throat recovered!

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Thank you and yes, throat is better although I still sound like I’ve been smoking for 40yrs now! :yum:

Did you have vocal nodes? Voice sounded like a singer friend of mine who went through that. I sing (or used to) but never had to go through that. Glad you’re better; you have a good voiceover voice!

I had a right vocal fold implant that was damaged due to radiotherapy I had in 2005 for Tonsil cancel. All good now and yes, might approach Hollywood now! :grin:

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Is that an Aussie accent? I’ve always been a fan of it, not to mention the culture.

New Zealand. You know, the ones that won the Americas cup today :relaxed:


I was in the neighborhood NZ would have been my second guess. Beautiful country. I would love to visit WETA!

EDIT: Hey congrats on the cup!

Thanks and thanks. Very proud nation today and not too many people working after waking up at 5AM.

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One of the four places I’ve always wanted to go to before I die:

  1. Japan
  2. Australia and New Zealand
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Fiji

Sorry @RitteT - Aus and NZ are bitter enemies, and dont appreciate getting lumped together :wink:

Keen rivals is probably more appropriate. :yum:

I guess it depends on the sport. Also - Both Japan and NZ are amazing places to visit. can’t really talk about Aus, as it is home.

Think this was directed at me; I had them on the same line because of their proximity and the ability to visit both places in one trip.

Sorry about that! LOL

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