Overview of smart plugs?


I’m rather new to Home Assistant - so far I have integrated my Homematic IP devices as well as Sonos, Chromecast, the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, and my Plex Server. Since this is quite fun, next step is to add a couple of smart plugs :slight_smile:

However, I’m having a hard time figuring out which plugs to buy. Thus, is there any overview of existing plugs (or SmartHome hardware in general), preferably with information such as

  • hardware specs
  • with/without measuring energy consumption
  • flashing needed
  • soldering needed
  • with/without cloud

Obviously, feel free to recommend smart plugs

  • for Europe (Germany)
  • with and without energy consumption measurement
  • where soldering is not needed (flashing, e.g. via Wifi, is fine)
  • preferably without cloud
  • affordable


I personally use the Ikea Tradfri plugs. No cloud, but they do use Zigbee, so you would need a Hub or a Conbee 2 or something like that (in combination with the ZHA integration).
I think Ikea plugs are something like €10, which I think is not that expensive and they work like they should in my opinion.
No power measuring, no dimming. Just turning on or off.

Until recently, the TP-Link line was highly recommended. However, TP-Link pushed a firmware update to the UK which blocked any third-party integration (like HA) from working. To their credit, they have offered to downgrade the firmware for anyone who requests it, and the HA development team is working on a workaround for the new firmware. But TP-Link has declared third-party integrations or apps to be “unauthorized” and it’s not clear whether or not they will continue to allow them or implement further blocking.

For flashing Wi-fi plugs, this website is very useful (if you want local control via tuya-convert).

I have not used them personally,
But I think a great WiFi choice, without flashing, would be the plug from Shelly (Plug S).
You could look into that one.

What do you think is affordable for a plug? :smiley:

@fjgenieter thanks for letting me know! In fact, opening the Zigbee door for me made me look into alternatives to Ikea, and I have now ordered a couple of these - they are more compact, even a bit more cheap, and I have some good experiences with the brand.

I now have to figure out the hub I’m going for, though :slight_smile: I have looked into the Conbee 2, but am not yet sure whether I can use that thing with my TrueNAS server…

Affordable would be something like 10 Euro (and maybe 20 for the ones which include power measuring)… I will look into the Shelly Plug, too!

Thanks, @Gergo.io - that looks really helpful!

Wow nice to hear!
I think the Silver Crest ones are really new, will look into those.

I cannot help you with TrueNAS im sorry, I run HA on Raspberry Pi 4 myself.

I second the Tradfri plugs. No frills, boring and just work.

I ended up getting a Tradfri gateway which was easy to hook up to HA though heard good things about the Conbee etc.

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FWIW I just ordered some D-Link DSP-W118 and while they show up in HA with minimal configuration but they do not have a unique ID so can’t be used much with HA. I will send them back (thank you Amazon) unless anyone knows how to get around this?

Meanwhile - it seems that there is no Wifi ‘smart’ plug that can be used in a simple fashion with HA - plenty of Googling and research, no clear answer. It seems that each manufacturer has tried to tie their products into their own world - hopefully Matter helps.

Being impatient I ordered a ConBee II stick and an OSRAM Smart+ ZigBee plug - let’s see if they play nicer. Failing that I will break out an ESP8266 and a relay and build my own…