Overwhelmed ;-/ Any Home Assistant enthusiast willing to program it for me?

I have to admit, I thought to setup the home assistant is not a big deal for me, since I’m pretty good with tec stuff. However, I already struggle with implementing my Nest system (Camera, Doorbell etc.), although I did all the steps described for the setup. So far I got my Hue light bridge working, and wow… my brother printer is showing up as well.

I wonder if some of you Home Assistant specialists offer kind of a freelance service setting up my system for hr/$$?

Let me know :wink:

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Hi Vincent, welcome to the forum!
What are you struggling with, maybe we can help.

+1, you can probably find some help here to fix your issues that look quite basic so should be easy to fix :wink:

Thank you for your response. I did all the steps described how to integrate Google Nest into Home Assistent, but when it comes to establish the final step and prompts me to go to a external page, I get an error message telling me to contact the developer of this application (me). Not sure what’s going on…

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Are you saying you are the developer of that integration?!

Did you (not) use this guide: Google Nest - Home Assistant

Not of the HA integration (obviously), but you essentially setup a developer account and ‘project’ with Google in order for that integration to work. It’s been several years since I did so and I don’t remember running into any issues, but I feel like I’ve seen a lot of posts lately about people having issues. Wondering if something subtle has changed in how to set it up?

Yes, I used exactly this guide :slight_smile: I start to believe Google is trying hard to make it impossible to not be able anymore to migrate any of the Nest Products. For example, I can’t use the original Outdoor Camera, Indoor Camera, and Doorbell (5 years old) anymore in Google Home like I used too. With other words, $550.- hoes down the toilet. Thank you, Google to by Nest, and than get rid of it a few years later (no more competition)

I have done this and it took me a while to get it working.

What you may need to do is clear your browser cache and just run through the guide again, as 90% of the setup is done already you just need to land on the account linking page to link your Google account to your developed app, I suspect. It also helps to restart HAOS before the nest app install, or refresh the browser page (maybe crtl F5 to force clear page cache)

What I ended up doing was opening a text file and copying the info I needed in the order needed for the app setup within HAOS, so it would then just be a copy & paste job up until linking the account and authorising which devices it can see.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll give it a shot.