Overwolf game event integration

What would a gamer’s den be without flashy LED lights pulsing to the state of your favourite game?

Some time ago I’ve already built a game state integration for CS:GO. However not everyone’s enjoying that game and the setup process was a bit… messy.

Thankfully there is a platform that does all the heavy lifting of integrating with various games and then allows apps to hook into that: Overwolf

So let me present today: The Overwolf Webhook integration.

  • Want your lights to flash blue when the blue zone starts moving in PUBG?
  • Want your lights to flash red when the bomb is planted in CS:GO?
  • Want Alexa to cheer you when you make a kill in Dota 2 or LoL?

This is now easily possible. Check the instructions on homeassistant-overwolf-status/info.md at 3ecf07657129e629e21b21d7c5aba15a60095332 · lociii/homeassistant-overwolf-status · GitHub on how to set it up and use the events for your automations.

Ich bekomme das einfach nicht zum laufen. Wo finde ich denn die Events in meinem HomeAssistant um dann zum Beispiel eine Licht rot blinken zu lassen wenn die Bombe platziert wurde.
Vielleicht bin ich auch einfach zu blöd eine englische Anleitung zu lesen

The Webhook integration sounds like a really useful feature for customizing your gaming experience. It would be so satisfying to see your lights flash red when the bomb is planted in CS:GO or when the blue zone starts moving in PUBG. And the fact that you can even set it up to have Alexa cheer you on when you make a kill in Dota 2 or LoL is just too cool! By the way, I recently came across this article called “Real Money Making Games” and it had some interesting suggestions for games where you can actually make some money while playing. It made me wonder if integrating LED lights could enhance that experience even more.

Hi everyone!
I’ve installed HACS on my Home Assistant and with HACS I installed the integration “Overwolf Webhook”.

I’m now on step 3 of the GitHub documentation (Homeassistant-Overwolf-Status). But I can’t find any Webhook URLs.
Do I need the Home Assistant Cloud, which costs money, so that I can get a webhook URL or can I do this for free in another way?
The goal is to display news/statistics etc. from games like CS:GO or League of Legends on my Alexa (Echo Show).

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

Hey Toni,

great to see that you want to use the integration.

It should work without Home Assistant Cloud.
Once you set up the integration, you should find webhooks under the (misleading) Home Assistant Cloud settings.

Can you please check that you have the integration installed? It should then be listed on the integration dashboard as Overwolf Webhook.

Can you provide screenshots of the integrations dashboard and the Webhook section of the Home Assistant Cloud settings?

Best, Jens

Hi Loci,

thank you for your fast answer!
I could finally generate a hook-id so I could give the Overwolf-App “HomeAssistant Game Events” the Webhook URL" as a local webhook (so I don’t need the “expensive” HA cloud :wink:)

It’s my very first time using HomeAssistant so I don’t know how to make the automation / event trigger work so that my Alexa (Echo Show) will receive the Overwolf trigger. = /

Your integration is really cool and I definitely want to get it working. Maybe you could give me some starting tips? I suspect that once I understand it, additional triggers will definitely be very easy to create for me!

Events are extremely dependent on the game and how Overwolf implemented them.
The overwolf app and the Home Assistant integration are basically just forwarding the raw event data provided by Overwolf.

e.g. as described in the docs, a CS:GO kill event in Overwolf is just the event name (to distinguish different events) and some additional data. See Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game events | Overwolf
The whole information set is forwarded to the integration and from there emitted as an event in Home Assistant.
An event that would turn a light on and off again when somebody gets killed, can be found on https://github.com/lociii/homeassistant-overwolf-status/blob/1c2c97fcecf6cec250274529a0f7aa40053ff306/info.md#automation-examples

Please check the HA docs for further details on automations and what can be achieved with them.

Side note: Nabu casa (the company that employs many Home Assistant developers and supporters) is financed by those cloud subscriptions. You don’t have to have one - everything works without it. But it supports the development of this awesome system that you can use free of charge and that is extremely labour intensive. Maybe worth a thought if you can afford it.

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I remember when I first got into customizing my gaming den, I went all out with LED lights, but syncing them with game events was a whole other level of excitement. Overwolf seems like the perfect solution, especially since it takes care of all the complicated integration stuff. Imagine the thrill of seeing your lights flash blue when the blue zone starts closing in PUBG or turn red when the bomb gets planted in CS:GO! It adds such an immersive touch to the gaming experience. Oh, and speaking of gaming, have you ever considered to play games for real money? It could be a cool way to earn some extra cash while having a blast. Just a thought!

Sounds great. Would you mind sharing a video clip?