Overwriting Local Temperature on a Hive Thermostat

Seeking a bit of help with this one.

Currently using a Hive Thermostat alongside Zigbee2mqtt and have now integrated it alongside Schedy. Unfortunately the hive is only using its local temperature from the remote and I was wondering whether there was an option to overwrite this. Possibly using MQTT publish? This is so I could use something like an average temperature sensor to give a better temperature reading for the house.

TLDR; Can I overwrite a value from Zigbee2mqtt by publishing a value from another sensor in Home Assistant?

Thanks for any help or alternative solutions.

My config should do what you want and I was planning to do the same as you at some point. the idea is you create a climate control that sits in the middle of hive and HA so you can update the values going to and from hive before republishing the values. in your case you would get the temperature sent from hive and then modify it for the average of other sensors before republishing the value on another topic. your automation or whatever then listens for this topic instead of the original one from the thermostat

Brilliant, thank you for sending me this. I’ll take a look over the next few days and see about integrating it into my setup!

Hi, just wondering if either of you have an update on this?

Or @greeeny101, could you write mostly idiot proof instructions on deploying your changes?