Ow to monitor raw zigbee data?

I have an Aqara Cube (the new one, the T1 Pro). I think that is is only sending out data for about one in twenty actions.

Is there an easy way to look at a log file or watch messages in real time? I move the cube maybe 5 times and Home Assistant sees maybe one of them at most. I’d like to tack this down.

Actualy, this question coiuld apply to any zigbee device using Z2M. How to watch the raw data?

Did you try putting the log level on “Debug”?

Yes, It’s in debug mode but no data shows up, untill it does. I think the cube goes to sleep and does nothiong for long periods of time and then works. sort of OK for a few minutes. I try to Googel this an find many others saying the same thing and no solutions.