OWM alternative?

Hi, I was wondering if there are any good alternatives?
I just saw the message that OWM API v2.5 will be closed in June 2024.

You need to add a payment account and pay if you exceed 1,000 calls/day.

Any suggestions?

I changed to Accuweather. You need an account and token as well, but no payment data.

I find what Openweathermap are doing strange. They could have easily blocked requests when the limit is reached…

This maybe?

Quality of weather data for a given integration very much depends on where you live, so that’s an information you should provide.

Note that 1000 calls a day is once every 2 minutes. Not sure why you’d want to fetch weather data that often (the 3.0 gets both daily and hourly in one call)…

I just subscribed a couple months ago when this was announced by OWM, I don’t think I’ll ever get charged since there’s no way I’ll use that many API calls. I’ve tested most of the mainstream weather integrations and found OWM to be the most accurate of them for my location in the US (actually Weatherflow is THE most accurate but that requires extra hardware). Since I also wrote some custom integrations that use OWM, the subscription made sense. But even with my custom integration, which uses more calls than HA, AND HA together, I still haven’t been charged anything.


the reason why I want to switch is that I’m not comfortable with providing my payment details. Especially not with such small “unimportant” integration. I’ve had a bad experience with that (data breach) so I prefer to try to avoid it as much as possible.

Fortunately, there are alternatives that may require an account to use their API, but where you do not necessarily have to link your credit card. I think a warning if you exceed a limit would be sufficient? and stop the api accessibility when I exceed the quota. So there are other ways to handle api usages in my opinion.

That’s why I charge up a $25 pre-paid Visa for just such uses, if it gets hacked it’s no real loss.

have a look at this Guide…it’s comparing all(some) of the available Weather Integrations for HA in the light of the changes to OWM’s API

It’s very much like @koying is saying: it all depends where you live which provider has the best info for you.

absolutely…weather forecasting is a case of science when right and just guessing when wrong :wink: