Own Cards for pictures (iframe)


i am looking for a solution to build my own card (iframe) for the frontend. Maybe some one can build a component for pictures. My target is it to use the home assistant as Dashboard with a guest wlan qr code picture as card. I think there are other users with the same request. At least some others from the chat are thinking this is a good request.

this is a great feature request. Would be great for integrating cloud based (non-locally accessible) cameras such as the Nest Cams.

You could probably do this with the generic camera component. I saw an example here using it to do weather maps. I would try this:

- platform: generic
  still_image_url: URL to local file or stored file on website
  name: Scan QR code for WiFi access

Nice trick! I will definitely use it to display some nice whether maps :slight_smile:

There is a open PR for a similar feature.

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