Own domain with CNAME to DuckDNS not working


I’ve been cracking my head about this for a few hours now. I cannot reach my Home Assistant instance through my own domain name which has a CNAME record pointed to my DuckDNS domain. My current DuckDNS config:

  - mydomain.duckdns.org
token: <REDACTED>
  - domain: ha.myowndomain.nl
    alias: mydomain.duckdns.org
  accept_terms: true
  algo: <REDACTED>
  certfile: fullchain.pem
  keyfile: privkey.pem
seconds: 300

I can reach HA by connecting to DuckDNS directly perfectly through port forwarding, but for some reason I cannot get the CNAME to work, and also cannot find relevant topics/documentation from people with similar issues.

Any help would be much appreciated!



If you ping your CNAME does it return the proper IP address for your house?

It resolves to the correct DuckDNS subdomain, yes.

Is it just a copy/paste error, a missing edit, or accurate? I see two slightly different values for domain names:


Just wondering about mydomain versus myowndomain

Connect in the way that works and then check that the certificate has the different hostnames listed correctly by clicking on the icons next to the URL in the browser.

Once that is cleared, then check your server for acceptance of the different hostnames.
If you use nginx, then it is that setup you need to check.

Cheers @WallyR, this seems to get me further in the right direction. The second hostname (ha.myowndomain.nl) is not listed in the certificate. The server does accept the hostname through port 80, but obviously that is not a desirable situation.

This brings me to the next question… how do I force a regeneration of the Let’s Encrypt certificate?

I just found out that Let’s encrypts Certbot supports Multi-domain Certificate, but i am not so sure the Let’s encrypt addon supports it…
And it is in the end Let’s encrypt that takes care of downloading the certificates, duckdns basically has nothing to do with it :thinking:
(I use Let’s encrypt, but not duckdns, i have my own domain name😉)

thank you for sharing this information…!! NCEdCloud

This is an old post, but just to make sure it is updated, then you can use multi-domains setups with the Let’s Encrypt Addon.
I am doing it with 3 domains.

The one thing to notice though is that I am using Cloudflare DNS services, so it is DNS challenges I use with a single login to control all domains. I do not know how the addon will handle multiple logins.