OwnTrack Again


where can I find the desired url for OwnTrack.

When you add the integration.

not work,

Do you have any more details? “Not work” isn’t much to go by.

No, I don’t. download, install, and next configuration is not available

The Configuration > Integrations page in Home Assistant.

yes, click on the item and nothing happens

What does “the item” mean? “configuration”? “Integrations”? The “add” icon in the lower right corner? The menu which pops up after clicking on the icon? The “owntracks” entry which appears in the list? The “submit” button after you choose owntracks?

Remove it. And Re-add it. Your url appeared after you hit submit.

10 minutes of time to get stuck?

After you hit submit, the next pop up would look like this.

How much time do I need?

It appears you need all of the time.