Owntracks and iBeacon

I am using OT for triggering automations when entering/leaving home. It Works pretty well now but sometimes it reacts delayed when entering my home region. I have now tried to use an iBeacon (ghostyu) instead. I have done the setup in the OT app as attached. (I have also tried -1 for radius)
I now get entering/leaving notifications often when I am at home.
Is the setup correct or is something else to be done?
Ideally I would like to keep my old setup of the home region with radius 100m and really just use the beacon to make sure my automations are triggered before entering the house.

So, does it work as you expect?
I have this setup, but on Android so the app looks a bit different. I did enter Lat/Long just to get HA complain less in the log. The major/minor as 0/0 seems a little suspicious but could be ok, I have other values… Used other app to check those out.

I can recommend to manually subscribe to mqtt for verification…

I did not know quite what to expect but I guess the range of the beacon is very short so getting all these notifications of leaving/entering inside my house is maybe not surprising but as I can read in different forums people seem to use beacons for this purpose. I just don´t know how they avoid all the notifications.