Owntracks entry can't be added from Configuration

Hi experts,

System: I am running Home Assistant OS 6.5 on a RPI3.

Issue: I am facing a strange problem, I cant enable Owntracks via configuration it seems.

Background: In fact, I enabled OwnTracks just after the OS installation which did work fine at that time but I decided to have my presence detection with phone app hence deleted the integration later. However, while location update via Android is working like charm, ios is not updating at all though I can see the sensor data and also geocoded location information but its not updating in Home Assistant, well thats a different issue so I shouldn’t expand it more. Short story is, due to failing location update from ios devices, I decided to go with owntracks. But to my surprise, now as soon as I submit owntracks integration, its throwing an error “Unknown error occured”.

Possible Remedy: I am suspecting the old config trace is present somewhere and I need to reset that for a fresh start but I am unable to find in Home Assistant OS. Long time ago, I used to know every location of my installation as those were all manual days :frowning: So if someone can please suggest me the way of reset (just the owntracks part) that would be a great help ofcourse I will glad if someone had this issue and they already have a way ready made remedy for this.

This is solved now without doing much apart from restarting home-assistant several times. I also cleared the person data inside .storage folder, don’t why it’s working now again!