Owntracks geofence tracking

Hello all

i used life 360 in the past and it worked well. However many youtube videos mentioned privacy issues and many suggested using owntracks.

I loaded owntracks both in HA and my android phone.

I life in in a detached house and my neighbours are relatively close by. To the south , north, about 10 meters to the east and west they are about 15 meters away.

My geofencing automation works fine, it does what it is supposed to. However my owntrack on my phone keeps bouncing aroud from one address to the other (mostly to my north and to the east. I could live with this (almost) (is there a way to improve this?).

the major issue surface that once in a while my phone installed owntrack shows me more that 250 meters away and thus triggers a “home away” automation and shuts that house off.

What setting should i change and to what to avoid this situation?

should i revert back to life 360 or is it feasible to use my phone?

thank you for your assistant