Owntracks ha integration with owntracks recorder possible?

Setting up owntracks in homeassistant is a breeze and I love the fact that I don’t need to expose my mqtt broker to the www.
However I really like the owntracks recorder and the frontend.

However when logging to owntracks in home assistant via http the locations aren’t passed to mqtt and thus don’t appear in the recorder or frontend.
When logging to MQTT my tracks show up in the recorder but the device doesn’t show up in home assistant even when enabling the mqtt setting in the advanced settings of in the configuration.yaml

mqtt_topic: “owntracks/#”

Can the ha integration via http even send information to the recorder?


This one’s been quiet for a while. Has anyone got Owntracks, with Recorder and Frontend working with Home Assistant?

Yeah, this seems like a big missing piece. I’d be happy to use recorder and frontend separately from HA (without having to change all the webhooks). Is that possible?

just found this and totally agree