Owntracks history on map?

Has anyone figured out a way to use the owntracks recorder program to show a location history? The owntracks recorder web app can generate an image like the one shown below. It would be cool if this location history could be shown on the HASS map.

has any one gone further with this ?

Would love to see this feature!

There is already an in-depth tutorial for the so called “Owntrack Recorder” - perhaps this could be a candidate for an HA-Addon?

I have ever made a lovelace card to show the location history. it’s adapated based on the offical map card.
see code below:

        this.hass.callApi('GET', `history/period/${startTime}?filter_entity_id=${entityId}`).then((data) => 
            data = data[0];
            if (!data) return;
            let latlngs = [];
            data.forEach((log) => {
                if (log.attributes.latitude && log.attributes.longitude) {
                    latlngs.push([log.attributes.latitude + latitude_offset, log.attributes.longitude + longitude_offset]);
            let antPolyline = new L.Polyline.AntPath(latlngs);


Lovelace supports history on the map card now