Owntracks (HTTP) help

I configured Owntracks (http method) and all was working well until I changed the Owntracks device ID. Everything stopped working so I deleted the config and the app and set it all up again, including the known_devices entry.

Now I have set it up again, Owntracks is happy and connected to the HA server but nothing is showing up in home assistant. I have tried restarting home assistant.

There is no Owntracks entry for the device in known_devices and I cant remember how it was formatted (I should have just commented it out).

Can someone who has owntracks set up with the http method have a look at their known_devices file and post the relevant bit here please?

Or tell me how to get the phone recognised again.

Fixed, by setting events_only: False in the tracker.

It probably also would have come right as soon as I left or entered a zone.