Owntracks HTTP location updates unreliable?

Has anyone else been experiencing unreliable location updates with Owntracks HTTP on iOS?

For the last few weeks I’ve noticed that the app doesn’t update HASS with location changes reliably. I’ll have a very significant location change that’s not reflected in HASS and even going into the app and manually updating doesn’t force a change. If I force close and re-open the app and force an update then it’ll update in HASS.

I’m not sure if it’s a HASS problem or app problem but I don’t see any errors in the HASS logs indicating a problem there.

You can use MQTTfx or something similar to see what messages are sent by OT to your broker.

My experience with OwnTracks is hit and an miss and varies from day to day… I used it via MQTT

I think this is not HomeAssistant its just own tracks on IOS is unreliable, I have 3 phones that are tracked 2 or which could be tracking on and one will not update, until the app is restarted or a manual push is actioned.

Is there is better app ?

On iOS make sure background refresh is turned on for OwnTracks and it’s allowed to always use location services.

With iOS 11 the location only when using app became the default; and this doesn’t mean when in the background.

Confirmed that it is set to Always for Location Services and Background Refresh is enabled.

OK My phone is still on IOS 10 :frowning: Work Phone Policy.

Let me check my wifes when shes home, she on IOS 11

Also what I noticed - once a day (or even more often) bring OwnTracks into foreground, just so iOS doesn’t think you’re not using it. iOS is very aggressive in shutting off apps that are not used or are drawing significant battery. It has happened to me that location updates are pushed as soon as I bring the OwnTracks app into foreground.