Owntracks http setup on Iphone

I just upgraded to 0.55 HASS. Following the instructions on setting up owntracks on my Iphone and are a little confused.
In the settings on my Iphone I have UserID, Password, Secret encryption key and URL. Does anyone know what goes in each one of those spots?
The confusing one is secret encryption key.

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For the encryption key, see here. It’s optional value, just as it is for MQTT, and you can simply not configure it.

For authentication, as detailed in the documentation:

username homeassistant and password is your API password that you use to login to Home Assistant.

The URL is https:// then your Dynamic DNS name (and port if not 443), then /api/owntracks/ followed by the user and device names:

I would set the host to be https://example.duckdns.org/api/owntracks/paulus/pixel. This will result in an entity with an ID of device_tracker.paulus_pixel. You can pick any name for the user and the device.

I did it like this and it works:

Not having much luck regarding the app setup. Couple questions, do I need to forward a specific port? Is the UserID specifically homeassistant and not a current configured user name?