OwnTracks Integration does not seem to work outside of Home Network

Hi everyone,

So I added the Owntracks integration on my HA. I followed the steps and added the integration info to 3 phone devices. I want to be able to track the 3 phones outside of the home network to invoke an automation. Example would be when I reach work to send off a notification.

The URL that the integration tells me to copy to my Android devices is the local IP address of my HA install but I would think I need to put my duckdns URL. When I replace that URL with the Duckdns it gives an error on my phone. (unreachable)

See below of the setup info the Owntracks Integration gave me.

What do I need to do to get Owntracks to work outside of my home network?

This has been resolved.

I had to replace http with 'https" and use my duckdns URL. I also removed the port # from the URL string and everything is working now.

Hopefully this can assist someone else.