Owntracks Issues

Hi All,

I have recently added the basic Owntracks config as per @brusc 's video tutorial but I seem to be getting some issues I am hoping you can help me with?

1.My user is displayed twice at the top of the screen but I have only added it once as far as I’m aware.

  1. Can I set a Profile Picture for my user?

  2. The map is really hit and miss and doesn’t show me at all really? I am not sure whether this is HA or t’s not getting the details from my phone? If I am at home should is still display me on the map?

Thanks in advance


Check your known_devices.yaml

Have a look at: Customizing entities - Home Assistant

You won’t be shown on the map if you’re at home.

Thanks buddy will take a look

You probably have nmap tracking your wifi on the phone, that;s one instance and the Owntracks device is the second.

You can put a picture and name in known_devices.yaml as in my example:

  name: Robert - NMap Local
  mac: 90:68:C3:6A:61:A5
  picture: http://www.westofeast.com/ha-img/myface.jpg
  track: yes
  hide_if_away: no

Make sure track is set to yes or you won’t see yourself anywhere. As @fabaff said, you won’t see yourself when your state is set to home. You will see yourself when in transit and when you enter any other zone that you have set up, like work for example. Check to make sure that Owntracks is connected to your MQTT broker and you should see yourself in the map in Owntracks.

Cheers @rpitera I am having loads of issues with Owntracks! I have deleted and started again in cloudmqtt and in the config file but it seems to be just adding more and more users rather than deleting.

In know_devices it’s listing all users from before and when I delete them they just come straight back.

Also on my Mrs phone (iPhone) it says connected but never says she leaves home. Mine (Android) is hit and miss as today I have been home but says I have been away,

I want to make sure this is working 100% before I can move onto further detection scripts.

Thanks as always