OwnTracks - Not correctly reporting Zone

Running .98.2 currently, with the recent break in google_maps integration (cookie issue[s]), I’ve had to switch to OwnTracks (which so far I despise). Anyhow, have it set on ‘Signficant Move’ mode to save battery and have it configured through Integrations in HA.

The device_trackers have been successfully created and are tracking correctly it appears, but it’s not registering devices in the correct zones - even though when I click ‘Map’ in HA it shows the devices w/in those zones.

Obviously the main reason I run this in the first place is to trigger automations and such based on who is where, when. Worth noting that if I reboot, the ‘zone’ the device is in will correctly be set.

I haven’t yet tried configuring only in configuration.yaml vs. Configuration->Integrations section, fwiw. Anyhow, thx in advance for any help!

Which break? I’ve successfully used google_maps with 0.98.x. In fact, it’s even better now that it supports accounts with MFA (which I could never get to work before.) Although, I’ll admit, I haven’t tested it for long with anything later than 0.95.4, so maybe there is some problem in more recent releases that I just didn’t experience.

I’ve seen this behavior before, but with life360. I was never able to get to the bottom of it, but it must be a bug somewhere in the common device_tracker code, or some common code it uses. Determining which zone a device_tracker entity is in is determined in the common code, not in the integration. The integration is just responsible for reporting GPS locations, which based on what you say, and what I saw, is/was working fine.

I was running .97.something on a Pi3 and switched to a NUC. Followed JuanMTech’s youtube video to set up the NUC and restored my backup from the Pi. This included the google maps cookie file and such, as well as yaml’s, custom components, etc. Everything went really smoothly (including Aeotec ZWave stick).

Next day I noticed that none of my device_tracker battery / locations were updating correctly (at all). Didn’t know if the cookie file was device dependent - and the docs / threads to get updated cookies for NUC (esp. headless) were difficult for a relative amateur such as myself to absorb / execute.

Also saw several google_maps threads here saying there were issues (who knows if they were user error or otherwise), though some mentioned the scan_interval default seconds= or something being off, then another mentioned manifest.json being off - so anyhow - I chalked it up to the integration being down - and honestly haven’t had the time to go fight it more - and was hoping a future .98 update (currently on .98.1) fixed it.

OwnTracks works about 70% as well, so better than 0% w/ Google I have currently - but certainly MUCH prefer to fix this google_maps issue first.

I honestly can’t remember if I tried using my existing cookie file with 0.98. I can try if you’d like. But I definitely used the new maps-cookie-getter, per the documentation. I did this on a different machine (which, in my case, happened to be a Windows machine running Cygwin.) I just did the pip install, then ran the program. It opened a Chrome window in which I logged into my account, and then copied the resulting cookie file to my machine running HA, renaming as the docs said, and it just worked. So if you have a machine that can run a web browser (I don’t know if it has to be Chrome, but that worked for me), and have Python installed, and can do the pip install, then it shouldn’t be difficult to generate a new cookie file and get google_maps working again.

Yeah, I don’t have anything off-hand that would do that easily, but would / could / should search for how to get it going. Was thinking about putting Gnome or KDE or something on the NUC and trying it that way as well. Haven’t looked to hard to see if there’s a how-to guide on how to do that anywhere. Appreciate the advice!

Well, you don’t have to do it on the NUC. You can use any computer that has a web browser and Python. Like I said, that’s what I did, and then just copied the file to my HA machine. Good luck!

hello, that’s been a few days, my mobility is no longer visible in the map screen. I do not know what’s going on. I am in version 0.98.4. My mobility is no longer visible and my e-mail crossings zones arrive 1 to a few hours after their crossing. An idea?

So, just tried downloading Python for Windows 10 (on my 64bit PC), installed, ran as admin, ran maps cookie getter per instructions and somehow, it worked! Thx for the help / encouragement / push to give it another shot @pnbruckner . Deleted OwnTracks (thankfully) and glad to be back on GoogleMaps location tracking again.

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