Owntracks status in HA app device_tracker

Hello there.

Have a strange problem with my Owntracks in Home Assistant. Need help. The problem occured when both my son and wife changed phones: my son phone did a new installation and my wifes phone copied the old phone settings.

  1. I have 3 phones (1 iphone, 2 android) connected to Owntracks in HA.
  • device_tracker.niclas_iphone_owntracks
  • device_tracker.sara_android_owntracks
  • device_tracker.gustav_mobilowntracks
  1. I also have device_trackers from Home Assistant app.
  • device_tracker.niclas_iphone
  • device_tracker.sara_mobil
  • device_tracker.gustav_mobil

The problem is that either “device_tracker.gustav_mobilowntracks” is somehow sending message to “device_tracker.niclas_iphone” and “device_tracker.sara_mobil” with is name and status. OR HA app is getting that info somehow from device_tracker.gustav_mobilowntracks. The normal status of HA app device.tracker should be “Hemma” /Home in swedish/.
See picture.owntracks

Seems like I have located the problem. OwnTracks on Gustavs mobile is somehow transfering the OwnTracks zone to HA.

Do someone know the setting in OwnTracks to not transfer the zone from OwnTracks to HA?

My other 2 mobiles is not transfering zones to HA, but I dont know the setting.

Please help a lost soul.

Seems like I found ONE solution.

In HA settings there is a configuration thats called “waypoints:” - true or false. I had it to true but changed it to false. Also had to clear retained mqtt-messages.

But that doesnt explain why only 1 of 3 mobiles transfer their “zone” into HA. So it must be a setting in Owntracks on Gustavs mobile. But I cant find it.

My own tracks is dead right now. but as I understand it that setting referred to the white list. At true only those users in the white list could send waypoints. That in theory would allow you to set which devices could and which couldn’t