Owntracks suddenly has new device_trackers

Before we go:
I am running hass.io 0.94.2 on my Ubuntu server.

I did upgrade to 0.94 but this could also been there before upgrading. Not 100% sure.

I am using owntracks for presence detection and it works relatively reliable.

A few days ago however there are suddenly new device_trackers for my two owntracks devices.

device_tracker.first_device and device_tracker.second_device do not update anymore.
My automations are based on these device tracker names. That’s how I noticed something was odd.

I had a look into home assistant and saw that I got two new device trackers like this:


I checked the latest releases and did not find anything regarding owntracks, which I had done before upgrading anyways.

I deleted the owntracks integration and reconfigured everything but still the names have the “_2” appended.

Can someone put me in the right direction what happend here and why?

I had same behavior, it was after 0.94 update, and i think it is because of that:

Modernizing the device tracker

This release also introduces a long overdue overhaul of how the device tracker works. We are introducing this overhaul piece by piece, focusing first on device tracker platforms that push their updates to Home Assistant: mobile app, OwnTracks, GeoFency, GPSLogger and Locative.

These integrations will no longer use known_devices.yaml but instead use entities, like all other integrations in Home Assistant. You can change the name and entity ID via the UI. It is no longer posible to merge the devices with other device tracker entities. This was flaky at best. You should now use the new person integration for this.

I didn’t manage out how to change that “_2”, i did just change new ID to my automations.

In 0.94, as @jiisaa points out, owntracks (and a few others) were changed to conform to the new device_tracker mechanism.

You need to (manually) remove the old owntracks entries in known_devices.yaml. To effect this change you’ll need to restart HA.

Then go to the Configuration -> Integrations page, click on OwnTracks, click on the device (with the wrong entity_id), click on the gear icon, update the Entity ID (to remove the ‘_2’) and click Save. Repeat for the other devices with the wrong entity_id. These will update immediately, no need to restart HA.

EDIT: BTW, you might want to update to 0.94.3. I just fixed a bug in owntracks that was causing the source_type to be incorrect sometimes.