Oyo Smart baby Monitor

Hi all,

we’re looking for a baby monitor that can be integrated into home assistant. We came across this one today (only NL and FR site available right now): OYO smart baby monitor- AeroSleep®, it’s pretty new but looks like it has a lot of features built in, such as temperature, sleep statistics and others. I was wondering if anybody tried to integrate this one into HA yet?

So far I know their camera feed is only accessible inside your own network, although an account is required. I plan to ask their support team directly if there’s a possibility to get the data into home assistnat (or other systems) but wanted to check here first.

Any updates on this topic? We are about to buy the same one :slight_smile:

Nope, in the end we decided not to go with a ‘smart’ baby monitor, but rather stick with 1 of the classic ones (still with camera and monitor, but a direct connection instead of using wifi). The main reason is so we can take the baby monitor with us on trips and such without having to rely on the wifi network there.

I am still looking at being able to watch my kids room, but most likely will just use a generic IP cam for the purpose.