OZW 1.6 crapshoot on if it restarts ok

HA “blue” device
OZW 1.6

So I switched to blue device from rpi4 specifically because I was having issues with restarts of OZW and was told it something to do with the USB buffer on the rpi.

Blue device seemed to do the trick; until recently.

Now if I have to restart Zwave addon (not often but it the network has just crashed once, other times I need to do is anytime I remove a device, it removes it but then must be restarted).

Well now, it seems like a crapshoot. Sometimes my integration shows daemon not running and in my add-on log, i just have a bunch of these type messages everytime I refresh.

Then its just a matter of cycling power to the blue and hoping the network starts. Sometimes it just takes 1x restart, other times 3. Ive tried to keep refreshing the add-on log as it starts up to try to pick out where it goes wrong, but cant really find a smoking gun,

There’s no problem with any “USB buffer”, this is a known bug in the software. https://github.com/OpenZWave/qt-openzwave/issues/140

There’s not much you can really do except run a custom docker image that has a workaround.

Your best bet would be to wait for the Z-Wave JS integration, or switch now to zwavejs2mqtt and use its MQTT. You can optionally switch to the integration later, available next week (beta now). If you are using Addons, there will be an addon as well.