OZW broken?

I’ve recently done an HA update, and it looks like the OpenZWave (ozw) integration has disappeared. What gives? I knew the zwave integration was being removed (which is why I migrated to ozw some months ago), is the sudden removal unannounced or was this planned and I haven’t realised?

If I have to migrate to something else now, what will not change in future, and how do I easily migrate an in-place zwave network to it?

The developers announced that the only z-wave being supported was z-wave js. I believe it was 2022.4 that got rid of all other z-waves. There is a migration tool and success using it has been varied. There are many threads on that have discussed this.

There is noting that will ensure z-wave does not change in the future. It is an opensource project and the developers decide what changes. Given that z-wave js is being actively supported I am hopeful it will last for years.

Thanks, I guess I’ll have to take a look at the tool.

There’s no migration tool for the ozw integration, it only existed for zwave.