OZW flaky recently?

Has anyone noticed flakiness in OZW since around the 0.82 or 0.83 updates? Ever since I upgraded from 0.81 to 0.83 I’m getting issues where some or all of my zwave devices stop responding after several hours. A Heal Network doesn’t fix it, a Homeassistant restart (maybe) doesn’t fix it, a Hassio host reboot or a power-cycle does fix it (for several hours).

I’m running Hassio/Homeassistant on a Raspberry Pi, and my power supply is making a buzzing sound that it didn’t make before, so that is a possible culprit too.

I have a couple of dozen Zwave devices and have not noticed any issues. Currently on 0.85.
There was an OZW update for 0.85. You may want to upgrade to see that stabilizes your network.