OZW - Hank Controller - Sensor is not working properly

While working with Z-Wave I had zwave.scene_activated event,
I switched to OZW recently and my Hank Controllers stopped working,
I looked at the data that being sent and the cause for it most probably is with the value - instead of plain clean value, a json with the events is being sent


  "Label": "Scene 1",
  "Value": {
    "List": [
        "Value": 0,
        "Label": "Inactive"
        "Value": 1,
        "Label": "Pressed 1 Time"
        "Value": 2,
        "Label": "Key Released"
        "Value": 3,
        "Label": "Key Held down"
    "Selected": "Inactive",
    "Selected_id": 0
  "Units": "",
  "ValueSet": true,
  "ValuePolled": false,
  "ChangeVerified": false,
  "Min": 0,
  "Max": 0,
  "Type": "List",
  "Instance": 1,
  "Index": 1,
  "Node": 3,
  "Genre": "User",
  "Help": "",
  "ValueIDKey": 281475032727572,
  "ReadOnly": true,
  "WriteOnly": false,
  "Event": "valueChanged",
  "TimeStamp": 1602231188

Did anyone encounter that issue as well?


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You’ll need to update your automation to use the correct values. ozw.scene_activated and zwave.scene_activated are not identical.

can’t find ozw.scene_activated in available events (developer -> events), am I suppose to find it there or just change the automation (I’m using NodeRED)?


Just type it in and listen.

amazing!!! thanks a lot!