P1 Meter in an apartment building (Cloud connection)

I’m looking for guidance on how to connect a P1 meter to my Home Assistant instance. Here’s the situation:

  • Smart Meter Location: 5 floors down in my apartment building’s basement.
  • Network Setup:
    • Basement has landlord’s Wi-Fi network (I have access).
    • My Home Assistant runs on a separate, private network 5 floors above.

Goal: Connect the P1 meter to Home Assistant for energy monitoring, even though they’re on different networks.


  1. Cloud-Based P1 Meters: Are there P1 meters that send data to the cloud, allowing Home Assistant to access it remotely?
  2. HomeWizard: I know their app uses a cloud connection, but can the Home Assistant integration work remotely?
  3. Alternative Solutions: Are there other ways to bridge the network gap and get the P1 meter data into my Home Assistant?

Thank you for any advice or suggestions!

If it is a DSMR version 5 P1 meter, you can get enough power from its P1 RJ12 plug to drive a WiFi based module. If DSMR version 4, you need to get power externally. I recently soldered some ESP82xx board onto my existing wired P1 cable plugged into a RaspberryPi4 (is my own local, so I also can get some USB2 power at that location). I needed an extra inverting BJT transistor (google what is needed), I put Tasmota on it and that puts the telegram text on the network via WiFi every 10 seconds.