Package threshold sensor creation

never mind & sorry: It was created just not showing up on the Helpers screen

I’m trying to create my first package from scratch. It will be my dishwasher monitoring and notification stuff.
I have gotten most of it operating with one exception, The power threshold to tell me that the dishwasher is running. How do you create a threshold sensor within a package?

    name: Dishes are rinsed
    icon: mdi:dishwasher
    name: Dishes are clean
    icon: mdi:dishwasher

  - platform: threshold
    name: dishwasher_running
    entity_id: sensor.breaker_6_6_1min
    upper: 300
    lower: 250

    name: Door angle
    min: 0
    max: 365
    step: 1
    mode: box
    icon: mdi:dishwasher

the binary_sensor is where I’m having issues.

When the power use for the dishwasher breaker goes over 300kW I begin a timer.
at 1 hour 30 minutes I set a boolean that the dishes have been rinsed to true
at 2 hours 15 minutes I set the rinse boolean to false and set the clean boolean to true

When the tilt sensor - indicating the dishwasher door is open, has been open for more than 45 second it is assumed that the dishwasher was emptied, otherwise someone opened it to get an item out of it but it is still clean.
When the dishwasher door opens and it is clean or rinsed the speaker in the kitchen let’s us know it clean or only rinsed. If it says nothing the dishes are dirty.

It works but the package is not making the threshold sensor so I have to create it outside the package.