Package tracking for Finnish Posti and Matkahuolto

Hello. I’ve recently moved on from Magic Mirror where I had simple dashboards displaying some sensor data, calendar and stuff like that, to the magical world of Home Assistant and full blown home automation.

One thing I had created for Magic Mirror was a module that displayed package tracking data for Finnish postal service Posti, and package delivery service Matkahuolto. I did find some pre-existing alternatives for Home Assistant, but those weren’t very usable. For example, AfterShip seems to require a pricy subscription to be able to use the API. There is also an integration for 17track which can be used for free, but the problem with both of these is that I have to manually add the tracking codes to these systems, whenever there is a new package I want to track. The thing with my Magic Mirror module was that it worked automatically. I just added my Posti and Matkahuolto service credentials to the module configuration and everytime I ordered something, the package would automatically appear on my dashboard where I could easily track its current whereabouts.

So long story short, I just had to create similar functionality for my Home Assistant setup. This meant creating integrations for both of these services and a Lovelace card for displaying the data:

At the moment these are all very much beta. Integrations are not using PyPi, nor have I yet looked into making the installation easier with HACS. So manual installation it is, but they should still work. I will fix the above issues as the project gets a bit more mature. I would very much appreciate any feedback, improvement suggestions and bug reports from the Finnish Home Assistant users that might find this useful.


Thank you very much for this! I managed to install the Posti tracking manually but the custom lovelace card is more difficult. I can’t seem to find the file “package-tracker-card.js” mantioned in the readme file. Do I need to download the whole source code as a zip and drop it to the www/community folder?

Hello. Sorry didn’t notice this message earlier. You can find the js-file from under release tags, here’s the latest: Release Second test release · jesmak/package-tracker-card · GitHub

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