Packages folder

hello new to home assistant ,just asking how to make a new packages folder and add it to yaml config.any help please

create a folder named “packages” in the same location where your configuration.yaml resides.

then in configuration.yaml make it look like something similar to this (add the notated line under “homeassistant:”):

  packages: !include_dir_named packages
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thank you forgetting back to me…i added folder packages in same line as configuration.yaml added the line you said under homeassistant .went to check configuration and come up with error integration error:packages - integration ‘packages’ not found

show your properly formatted yaml config.


you need to indent the “packages:” line two spaces right.

also you should get used to posting actual code text (using code blocks to maintain formatting) instead of screenshots.

it helps the people trying to help you so we don’t have to type everything out again if we see errors like above. We can just copy/paste/edit.


thank you for keeping me right as i said new to this code txt ,
done the two spaces and working …ok
i see to copy/paste etc good idea in future…just trying to setup energenie mihome sockets and lights…
once again thank you

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Thanks this fixed it for me