Padlock symbol in window title bar from companion app?

I accidentally pushed on the padlock symbol which made it disappear. :innocent:

So far I never knew what this symbol means and I did notice that some apps show it and others don’t.
Searching the web didn’t make me any wiser and I cannot find anything on the device itself about it - any settings.

  • what is the purpose of that symbol?
  • is there an easy way to restore it?


It seems I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what that symbol means!?
Just now I tried reinstalling the app but still nothing.

Honestly have no idea what you’re even referring to in regards to a padlock symbol. Screenshot maybe?

Sorry, you’re absolutely right, now I realize that my OP was not clear… :blush:
Since with HA it doesn’t show, I’m sharing another example.

TBC: this is when resizing the app window

I’ve used stock Android forever and I’ve never seen that. I’m guessing it’s something that your phone manufacturer has added; would probably help if you added more info. But also, it doesn’t have anything to do with HA…

Given the fact it also showed up when you were on the forums, I’m guessing this isn’t strictly related to the companion app.

My best guess (and it’s just a guess) is that it’s some Firefox setting which locks the window size when resizing.

This had to be: it doesn’t show anymore, that’s why I took another app for the screenshot.
It’s a Lenovo tab with Android 10 and it’s clear that this is not strictly related to HA.
I was just wondering what the effect of that padlock on the app is but couldn’t find anything.

In FF it’s also not related to the content of the app.

Huawei device? It it the pinned app icon.
To pin an app, open the recent app view and drag the app you want to pin down. To unpin, do the same again. Pinned apps don’t get closed when you use the :wastebasket: to close all apps (I think).