Pager as a trigger

I’m looking for some inspiration/help with a trigger. I am an On-Call firefighter looking for a way to trigger certain events based from a pager. The pager lights up, vibrates and makes quite a racket but is not in any way smart enough to integrate directly so anything triggered by it needs to be external to the device.

My current idea is a hockey puck size ‘stand’ for my pager that detects vibrations. I’ve played with a Xiaomi vibration sensor but it wasn’t sensitive enough to pick up the vibrations. I’ve got a NodeMCU lying around which may be a better option for a vibration sensor but I’ll have a bit of reading to do to learn how to use it.

Does anyone do anything similar?

We do get a text message as a backup which I use coupled with Llamalab Automate to run automations however this message can come through up to 5 minutes after the initial call so I’m long gone by that point.

I would really appreciate any help