Paid assistance to create a 3rd party integration

Newbie here, in fact so new I’m still waiting for the last pieces of my Home Assistant Yellow to arrive.
So, I’m definately in the planning stage.
I would like to create an integration with my home lighting system S-Bus G4. It has a UDP gateway that talks on Port 6000.
I am wondering if there is a community of semi-professional integration experts we could reach out to assist a particular implementation for a fee?
The integration I would like to create, I believe was previously partially supported, but all my current searches are coming up with very slim solutions, Smart G4 is similar to HDL Buspro, but their product ranges have diversified sufficiently that the protocols are based on a similar core, but with product specific differences.
I am hoping to fund the development of a Smart G4 integration then release the result to the community.
Any advice on the best direction I should go?