Paid Assistant to set up my Home Assistant!

Hello, I installed via the AIO on Raspberry Pi 3 and made a mess of it, I can no longer see HA in browser with :8123 address. After 3 months of trying, I was never able to get any of my broadlink devices (SP2, RM Pro) to connect to my Google Home or Amazon Echo. I am giving up but would pay to have someone like the Bruh guy get my devices talking to each other.

Please contact me by email or text message only, I am in Orange County CA for local help or if remote help is secure, we can use email/phone/Paypal/Venmo. Thank you!

Scope of Work: Fix my install or reinstall Home Assistant on Raspberry Pi and add any other installs needed for Broadlink Wifi Outlets, wall switches, and IR/RF emitter to work with Google Assistant and Amazon Echo.

Payment: Via paypal or venmo to US-only assistant, hourly or single price to accomplish above.
Contact: Matt, mjones @ axiom materials dot com or text / call ( 9 4 9 ) 7 3 5 - nine three 2 four

Give it another shot.

I started about a month ago with no knowledge of python or programming, just a regular PC user, and felt the same way after the first couple days, but i like the challenge of solving real time problems and ended up starting over from the beginning and now all is good.

I will try to help you as much as I can if you try again. If you got a working version of HA previously, I bet it still works but you have a error in your config file. When this happens to me, I first try to undo the last change I made to the configuration.yaml. Often the log will help me determine the line number of the error in the configuration file. If you want to try again, I think a first step would be try to get HA to start again. You can review the log file to see the error or you can delete configuration.yaml (I just rename it for backing up) so you can start like new.