Paid HA help


I do like home assistant and don’t have the expertise or the time to make full use of it so I would like to get paid help for that if that is the only solution so why not the KASA team offer that ? I managed to get the Home Assistant Cloud using my own coding etc which I guess it will be the most difficult part for most users

but now I need to improve the design and arrange the dashboard in a nice way.also some automation imported doesn’t work as it should so that I decided to buy the tuya zigbee hub as some devices and sensors works better with them than the HA yellow

so I want someone (prefrebaly from the team ) to sort this out for me

The Nabu Casa “Team” does not offer those type of services and , as far as has been made public, has no plans to do so in the future.

There are people offering freelance assistance on Fiverr and similar sites, but this is primarily a DIY/“sort it out yourself” kind of project.

So far you have two options I think:

  • either find a guy found of HA that will be able to help you and invoice you
  • find a local A/V Integrator that installs HA in professional way for customers (like my company is doing) and that can offer as side service help to setup/maintain your HA :slight_smile:

And let’s not forget one of the best solutions: ask here in this very forum! :slight_smile:

Honestly, I know a lot of companies, that can’t even offer such response times, as it is normal here. :open_mouth:

I often see questions or new topics, that get an answer in under 15 minutes. This is exceptional, and can easily be compared to paid services.