(PAID) MODBUS wizzardery via ESPhome

Hello guys, me (installer) and my brother (importer) of a certain brand of Chinesse heat pumps.

TLDR.- pumps are great (build quality, efficiency etc.) howewer, the software for them and controllers included are absolute ass (ass is the nicest word i can say about them)

The outside unit communicates with display inside via modbus link from info i gathered by inspecting the behaviour and chat with company that makes theese ( they also provided me with a description of the modbus communications) the outside unit is slave the inside unit is master and gives command to outside unit about when to turn on the compressor valves etc.

I need to tap into the link bewteen theese units and be able to better adjust the frequency curves of the compressor based on the outside temp and hot water demmand, but i will be to able to do that myself i need help with the modbus comms

I do not want your help for free, i am offering a financial compensation for your time also beacuse this will be semi- “commercial” in a sense it will be a solution for our customers we have already installed the pumps should they want to improove the efficiency of the pumps

should the project go as planned and both sides will be interested in developing a complete automation ecosystem of home energy use, i can certainly see you be my colleague

Thanks for any reply
Greetings from Slovakia, Matej