Paid support?

I’ve spend a week going round in circles with a problem (getting HA to send out an email using SMTP with a snapshot from my CCTV camera on it).

I’ve gotten nowhere with the forum, people are asking me questions that I don’t understand, or wanting information that I don’t know how to provide, or not really understanding the problem that I’m having.

Is there any reputable paid support so that I can get someone to simply do it all for me?

Even if there were paid support, then they would probably have to ask the same questions.

In order to set any email integration up you need to know the server names, the ports, the usage of encryption, the authorization method and your credentials.
This information have no relation to HA, but instead is something related to your email service provider.

On top of that your network might be causing problems too, which can be related to closed ports or connections.
This can come from your router, security software, firewall, your ISP on their router at your place or your ISP on some equipment in their network.

The things above is not as such related to HA, but necessary to succeed.

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Yes, but they’d probably ask them over real time chat, or the telephone, and they’d be entering the details into HA themselves remotely. going back and forth on this forum isn’t helping me very much.

It can be frustrating at first, but the lessons learnt with one change may be used in the next change you decide to do.

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It can be frustrating at first, but the lessons learnt with one change may be used in the next change you decide to do.

Off topic, but this is one of the big problems with open source and community projects. It took less than a day to set up an entire MS based network for files and email.

I do try to use open source and community products (You’re going to have to pry Kodi and Libre elect our of my cold dead hands), but it’s off putting.

True, staying with one ecosystem is easy, but when you try to add a Linux, an android, an iPad and a Mac to that system, then your MS based network is not easy anymore, and it is in that spot HA excel.
It is not easy, but is easier.

In the past, yes, but with modern exchange implementations you just load a local client onto your device and the server is largely agnostic to the device hardware.

My android devices are seamless, and the Macs all run Windows.

I started out with Netware on a command line, and that was a pain to interoperate at times

I agree that open source stuff tends to be kind of pain to set up. That set, HA is one of the most user-friendly software I’ve seen in this category.

However, having worked in IT customer support, I wouldn’t do paid support for HA even if they paid me in gold.