Pair IKEA Styrbar with Conbee II

I have successfully paired a number of devices using deconz/homeassistant and conbee II. This includes IKEA “action” buttons.
I also have an IKEA RGB bulb that came prepacked with a “Styrbar” remote control (the square one with 4 buttons). These are pre-paired. The remote works, i.e. I can control the RGB bulb with it.
However, I fail to “unpair” these and connect these to my Conbee/Deconz/HomeAssistant.

For the remote, my understanding is that a LED should flash when in pairing mode, I tried pressing the pair button for 10 seconds. I also tried to quickly depress it four or five times. Neither method resulted in the remote being found by HomeAssistant, nor the LED flashing.

I then tried to pair the bulb. To do this, I quickly turned it on and off (mains switch) 6 times. However, also here I had no success.

My questions:

  • has anybody successfully been able to pair bulb or remote ?
  • what is the correct way to get these devices into pairing mode, and should a LED (or the bulb) flash visibly?

Thanks for you help !

Success with the remote! The key was to press the pair button really quickly. In the manual it said to press the button 4 times within 5 seconds (i.e. slowly), but this definitely does not work. You have to press the button really quickly.

So what remains is the LED bulb…

Similar with the bulbs. Turn it off/on six times until it flashes. Not too fast, not to slow. Just like it takes to count “one, two, three…” Than you start the detection and while running you switch it on/off a 7th time.
You might have to try several times - sometimes deconz needs its time to detect.

Thanks, I think I did not get the speed right. Now everything works!
(I kind of feel stupid: I tried really many many times, and after posting here it works :wink: )