Paired MiBoxer FUT022 LED Controllers

I installed tunable-white LED strips as under-cabinet lighting. My cabinets were in two, non-contiguous runs, which required me to use a separate controller and power supply for each of the two segments. I used the MiBoxer FUT022 controllers, as shown here.

Each controller came with it’s own remote, but luckily both controllers could be paired to one remote. The remote works flawlessly, but I’d love to get the setup into HA and be able to tuck the remote away.

I purchased the WL-Box1 gateway thinking it might offer some possiblities, but MiBoxer says that it will not work with paired controllers, and on it’s own, that seems to be the case.

I was hoping some of you with MiBoxer experience might know if there was a way to emulate the 2.4GHz remote in HA, or have any ideas that might work with this.