Pairing always happen at coordinator level, instead of router


I’m continuing my journey along the learning curve of HA, Zigbee and other fun things :slight_smile:
I have an issue with door sensors (Aqara) that I initially paired directly with the coordinator (Sonoff USB dongle 3.0). I’ve now added a router (Philips Hue smart plug) and I’d like to re-pair some sensors through that router as they were losing connection with the coordinator (too far, I have lots of Wifi interference).
In ZHA I see the plug and I can “add devices via this device”. But whenever I try that, be it by directly putting a previously paired sensor in pairing mode again, or by first telling HA to forget about it and then pairing, it seems succesful, but the sensor is in fact paired directly with the coordinator (confirmed by low LQI and indication of “connected by” device info).
Why is that and how could I re-pair some of the sensors via the router? I’ve read somewhere that switching the device with the coordinator off for a few hours could work, but it hasn’t; everything came back up in the same setup as it was when I switched it off.


With Zigbee, I think you’ll find, that devices will find their own route. Also, some devices will only stay/pair with the coordinator, and others will float around. I don’t have any Hue plugs so cannot comment on how good/bad they are as routers.

When I was using ZHA, the best routers in my setup, were the cheap IKEA repeaters, didn’t see any devices that wouldn’t connect to them.

I know the “add devices via this device” works with Aqara door sensor and aqara motion sensor, if you use a Aqara plug and conbee2 as the coordinator. the aqara devices are “bad” at changing the route automatically, hence helping them to a good route can help a lot.

I do not have a hue plug, hence can not test