Pairing Devices only works with coordinator, not routers

Using ZHA + CC2652P. I have 76 devices on my network, 20 of those are router devices. Airspace is relatively clean on channel 25 and my coordinator is connected to a 30cm extension. HAOS on a x86 NUC.

I live in a 3 floor+basement townhouse/rowhouse, my HA box lives in the basement. For some reason, I’m only able to pair most devices while near my coordinator. I don’t know why the router devices don’t pickup these devices, as I can see in the ZHA topology that the router devices are connected to other endpoint devices and each other. Anytime I need to pair a device on the top floor, i’ll have to go down to the ground floor for it to see the coordinator and pair successfully, then i’ll have to walk it back upstairs.

Some devices are fussy about what routers they will connect to. What brand/types of devices are the routers ? There have been previous threads about devices not connecting to routers before, and bypassing them to go directly to the coordinator.

I cant remember which brands are fussy about what, but if you search a bit more in the forums you’ll find them. A quick google search turned this up for example

15 Sonoff S31 Lite’s and 5 Thirdreality smart plugs.