Pairing EDMI SMETS2 meter with Zigbee?

Hi Everyone.
I have just gotten into Zigbee after a very generous YouTube viewer/Blog reader sent me some Zigbee items he no longer needed.

Having had my Zigbee network up a little less than a week, and after switching all my compatible stuff over to zigbee2mqtt, I now also have SMETS2 energy meters (gas & electric) in the home. The EDMI electricity unit says its part of the Zigbee Alliance, and after doing a bit of research on the unit, I can’t decide whether the Zigbee protocol is just being used for the 2 meters & remote display unit to talk to each other, or whether they are part of a bigger network with a local base station nearby.

None of the equipment is connected to my network, and so it either has to be sending it straight over some sort of mobile data or through a local base-station (as I see it).

I am wondering if it’s possible to get the equipment paired with my Zigbee network or whether the fact that it uses Zigbee is of no use to me as an end-user, and I’m left with the good old option of a camera & OCR or flashing red light detector.

Any help would be of use. Luckily I still have the old energy meter with a clamp over the live tails wire that can monitor my electric usage as that’s already connected into HA.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

With SMETS2 meters the meter is a zigbee coordinator - i.e. controls its own zigbee network, so its impossible to pair the meter to your zigbee network.

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There is a lot of info in this thread: UK "smart" energy meters

I have found this company

It possible to connect your electric and gas meter even if you have a zigbee unit, if your unit is SMETS1 with DCC or SMETS2. You will need to purchase a smart meter see the website listed above. This unit allow to connect to home assistant via mqtt locally or over the internet. But first you will need to download bright app and follow the instruction, if successful you will see you usage of electric and gas on your phone (via Bright app). Then you can order the display (IHD) or email their support team to get a conformation.

I’ve just set my app up today and i can see my usage data. Also the app said am compatiable with the display (IHD) so i have ordered it.

Let me know if you want a feed back once i have received my unit and get it connected to home assistant.

Also, Sorry to open a old post.