Pairing permanently installed Zigbee devices

Hello all,
for my Zigbee devices I use ZHA with a Conbee stick. To add devices I have to bring them close to the stick. With window sensors this is no problem.
But now I have lamps that are permanently installed (Philips Hue). Now I would have to attach a plug to them first, to then teach them near the stick and only then mount them on the wall. On the one hand, this is very inconvenient and also not really great if you have to re-learn them again in the future.
Is there an alternative to simplify this?

Did you actually try it without bringing it near? I use ZHA with a CC2531 USB stick with an external antenna. I have a bunch of repeaters (Ikea TRADFRI) in my house (1 on every floor). I can pair any Zigbee device from anywhere in my home. I never have to bring it close to the stick or close to any of the repeaters. It doesn’t matter where they are, just put the device in pairing mode and ZHA picks them up.