Palette installs failing?

All of a sudden, any Z wave palette fails. I can install others type paletes.

Error: not found: make

Add make to system_packages in the add-on configuration pane.

Edit, nevermind it liked this.

Like this? I get error when trying to save.


Now I get this in my log:

It looks like you also need to add g++ to system_packages.

  - make
  - g++

P.S. You’ll probably have to add a couple more packages after that.

How are you telling what packages I need? Heres new log after adding make and g++

In general, the error messages show you that.

You need linux-headers, and probably gcc now.

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Success!! Thank you @mbonani

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hello how did you find out the other packages?

I set up g ++

and I can’t go on

It looks like you also need sudo.